CPI renames transportation center for Hawbaker family

After years of support from the Hawbaker family, the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology decided to rename its transportation center after them.

It will now be known as the Hawbaker Transportation Training Center, according to a press release from CPI.

The support from the Hawbaker family has been not only financial, including the donation of more than $1 million in grants and donations, but also technical and personal, the release said. “Dan Hawbaker’s enthusiastic support of our mission and the generous financial contributions of the Hawbaker family are unparalleled in the history of CPI,” CPI President Richard Makin said in the press release.

The Hawbaker Transportation Training Center is adjacent to the CPI main campus facility, according to the release. It includes a 35,000-square-foot training building, 23,000-square-foot paved diesel yard and 12,000-square-foot paved heavy equipment yard.

“CPI is preparing young people to have the opportunity for a better life by giving them the skills necessary to develop careers in good jobs, making a positive contribution to the community while not accumulating a long-term debt burden,” Dan Hawbaker, president of Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc., said in the release. “Our Centre Region economy needs these skills to support our economic development. It is rewarding to see the work CPI is doing and to be part of such a positive force in our community.”