Work Zone Safety Stand Down “We Are Safer Together.”

Every year highway construction workers are injured and killed while plying their trade in a work zone.  While many of these incidents are caused by the motoring public, many of them are also caused by fellow employees operating construction equipment/vehicles.  The PA Department of Transportation along with highway construction industry organizations created the “We Are Safer Together” program to reduce these incidents.  The program promotes highway workers and the traveling public working together with the common goal that everyone arrives home safely at the end of the day.  On September 15, 2021, the industry was asked to perform a “Stand Down” while the motoring public was asked to “Slow Down” and take a moment to think about work zone safety.  In observance of the Stand Down, 533 GOH employees who work on highway and street construction jobs stopped what they were doing and took time to identify the daily risks they encounter when working in a work zone and alongside heavy construction equipment.  The employees were asked what they could do to minimize or eliminate those risks.  Each crew leader was tasked with leading the discussions.  While some crews focused on incident examples other crews reviewed incident statistics and personal “near misses.”  All crews agreed the Stand Down was an opportunity to pause and refocus on what they do and a good way to try and eliminate dangerous complacency.