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Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. offers its services throughout the northern half of Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio through its seven regional offices. Moreover, the company operates 21 aggregate facilities and 7 asphalt production plants, which are strategically located to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Thanks to its regional concept and vertical integration, GOH is able to offer unparalleled expertise in civil construction projects.

Our comprehensive range of services can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project, either independently or in conjunction with each other. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we work closely with our clients to provide the best possible value for their investment.

Bridge Construction

Our experience in bridge construction includes all types of new structures and complicated rehabilitations of existing spans. Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.’s bridge crews are capable of constructing or rehabilitating concrete, steel, or wooden bridges.
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Hawbaker Engineering was born from a desire to build upon our wealth of construction experience, incorporating sound engineering principles into the design process from concept to completion.
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Equipment Sales

Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. owns and operates a very large fleet of vehicles and construction equipment for all types of civil construction. We can provide that equipment, with or without operators, on a rental basis for temporary needs on a construction project.
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Recycle Center

Recycling benefits us all. Many materials that we dispose of fill our landfills and degrade our landscape. Our objective is to divert construction demolition materials from waste and process them into useful product that can be put back into our local economy in a cost effective manner.
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Road & Highways

For decades Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. has been a leading builder of roads and highways in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our experience ranges from the construction of unpaved forest roads to the Interstate Highway system.
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Sheeting, Shoring & Piling

Our specialized crews can create coffer dams for dewatering construction projects with sheet piling.
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Site Development

GOH began doing foundation works in the 1950’s.
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Glenn O. Hawbaker’s utility operations are performed both independently and in conjunction with our Site Development and Road /Highway operations.
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